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I started FairyGloMuva to inspire, challenge, and encourage womxn/femmes to love and explore their own health and healing paths, but everyone can be inspired. When faced with health difficulties or personal challenges, we often compare ourselves and our fights to others. We also seek validation or confirmation that what we are doing is right. It took me a while to discover it, but I now realize how completely unnecessary validation is. Trusting yourself allows the real you to win. 

I'm a FairyGloMuva of sorts, helping guide you towards your greatest version. Only you can make it happen. 

People looked at me like I was crazy when I decided eat and live "plant-based." I made a conscious effort to pursue naturopathic remedies I know my not-so-distant ancestors used for their own healing. Many of my terrifying health challenges were a byproduct of animal products and toxic substances I was exposed to. With natural treatments and a major mindset shift, my life began to change. I am grateful for my own healing because it show others they can also heal themselves without costly, toxic medical treatment.


Slowly, but surely, I incorporated more and more plant-based nutrients into my diet. Miraculously, I began to heal. My mental, physical, and emotional problems began to drift away. With the addition of affirmations and a daily gratefulness practice, I started attracted things I hadn't been able to before. 


It is now easier to do the things I love (and reject the things I don't) as I continue to dive deeper into spiritual balance and alignment. I also started receiving more signs that ensures me I am equipped with the necessary knowledge and power to succeed. In my persistence, I found the power to bet it all on myself. This tenacity was the validation. The magic was inside of me all along.

Thank you for joining me on this healing journey. I hope my stories, recipes, and affirmations and those of our contributors encourage you to love your own experiences.

xoxo -fairyglo

"Everything is energy. Use your energy to believe, not worry, and feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. Positive thoughts generate healing energy."

Film Credit: Eye of Elohim